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Quality Skylights at an Affordable Price

Skylights are the best way to bring natural light into your home while still maintaing privacy.

We replace damaged and aging skylights as well as service, maintain and inspect existing skylights. HOMEMASTERS is Battleground's best source for all things skylights and natural lighting.

We can install sklights in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, entryways, living rooms or nearly any room in your house!


We offer a large selection of skylights and options, but here are some of our most popular packages.


Fixed Skylights

0% TAX Rebate

Tempered glass skylight consists of double paned argon gas filled LowE3 glass.

Energy performance for year round comfort.


Fixed Skylights + Blinds

26% TAX Rebate

Adding Blinds/Light Filtering to your skylights increases the energy conservation and overall design aesthetic of your home.

This addition qualifies your project for a Federal Tax Credit. Blinds must be solar-powered.


Fresh Air Skylights + Blinds

26% TAX Rebate

A placed skylight with Triple LoE, dual-sealed, argon-gas filled glass.

Energy Performance Model eligible and integrated gaskets for condensation draining.

A HOMEMASTERS expert is reaty to recommend where skylights should be installed, so you can reap the most enjoyment from the natural light and fresh air they provide.

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We offer a Skylight For Every Need

If you need it, we have it!

We have a wide variety of Skylights and Sun Tunnels including but not limited to:

  • Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights
  • Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights
  • Manual "Fresh Air" Skylights
  • Fixed Skylights
  • Flat Roof Skylights
  • Architectural Series
  • E-Class Skylights
  • VELUX CABRIO┬« Balcony roof windows
  • Rigid Sun Tunnels
  • Flexible Sun Tunnels

Most Skylights are available in either Curb Mounted or Deck Mounted options.

10 Year No Leak Warranty

VELUX USA offers an industry first 10-year "No Leak" installation warranty installation on deck mounted skylights that covers correct skylight and appropriate flashing installations.

For important details about this warranty, please speak to one of our representatives.


Select VELUX skylights and sun tunnels qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit with an average savings between $700-$800.

For important details about this tax credit, please speak to one of our representatives.

Some Benefits of Installing Skylight

  • Ventilated skylights can improve cross ventialtion and help airflow in stuffy rooms.
  • Adding Skylights to a room can make the room feel bigger and more spacious.
  • The natural light of skylights are known to increase your vitamin D and a boost in vitamin D can help ward off depression.
  • Select slylights qualify for a Federal Solar Tax Credit.

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